Practice test 5 – Đề luyện thi vào lớp 10 chuyên anh


Đang tải…

1.A.inspire                              B.  pollute                              C. design                       D. section

2.A.sensible                           B.  exhaustion                       C. encourage                 D. removal

3.A.quantity                           B.  satellite                             C. eleven                        D. violent

4.A.miraculous                      B. supervisor                         C. environment            D. alternative

5.A.automatic                         B. conservation                    C. investigate                D. electrician


11.__________water is one of the factors that have driven many species to the verge of extinction.

A.Contaminating                  B. Contaminate                     C. Contamination                    D. Contaminated

12.There’s a chance that he’ll arrive in time for supper, but he_______ be a lot later.

A.might                                   B. must                                    C. should                                   D.  would

13.In the 22nd SEA Games, the Viet Nam Men’s Football team______ a silver medal.

A.had won                               B. won                                     C. wins                                       D.  has won

14.”Ao Dai” is the______ costume of Vietnamese women.

A.tradition                               B. traditional                         C. nation                                    D.  native

15.Wearing helmet has been put________ force by the law.                                             B. on                                       C. into                                        D.  onto

16.A scientist who studies numbers, forms, amounts and their relationships is a______.

A.mathematician                    B. mathematics                   C. mathematist                      D. mathematical

17.- Shop keeper: “______ size do you want?”

– Customer: “Medium”.

A.What                                      B. How                                  C. Which                                  D. Whose

18._____ her teacher said that she had to study more, she took the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test).

A.Even though                        B. Despite                              C. Therefore                            D. So that

19.Her husband has just died of cancer. It will take her a long time to_________ this shock.

A.get over                                 B. turn into                            C. turn down                           D. get in

20.In Viet Nam, three or four generations________ live in a house.

A.need                                       B. may                                      C. will                                       D. should

21.Skis___________be made of wood. used to                           B. used to                                C. are used to                          D. were used to

22.Some sportsmen and women insist that______________ part is more important than wining.

A.taken                                    B. take                                      C. to take                                    D. taking

23.In the meeting, Huong always listens_________ to the people’s opinions.

A.attentionally                        B. attentively                           C. attention                              D.  attending

24.Cuc Phuong National Park,________ we spent our last weekend, has over 200 square kilometers of rainforest.

A.where                                     B. which                                    C. that                                         D. when

25.I__________ doing homework at 4.00, and now I_____it.

A.started/ didn’t finish                                           B. start/ don’t finish

C.started/ haven’t finished                                     D.start/ haven’t finished

26.- Foreigner: “Can you show me the way to the nearest Internet cafe?”

Nga: “_______ “

A.Yes, it’s quite near here                                                B. Turn left and then turn right

C.Three kilometers from here                                         D.It’s very far

27.World War II began in 1939 and lasted________ 6

A.for                                           B. in                               C. since                                D. at

28.It’s______ that nobody dares to swim in.

A.such a deep pool                                    B. such deep pool a deep pool                                         D.very deep pool

29.My mother was busy with selling goods in the market.____________ , she seldom stayed at home with me.

A.Therefore                             B. However                             C. Although                            D. Otherwise

30.If she hadn’t punched his friend’s nose, she_________ by the teacher.

A.won’t have been punished                                             B. wouldn’t have been punished

C.won’t have punished                                                       D.wouldn’t have punished

31.In developing countries, many people use wood for cooking and heat,________has a bad influence on the environment.

A.which                                       B. that                                      C.  what                                      D.  whose

32.Have you got time to have a chat now or are you________ to leave?

A.thinking                                 B. planned                               C.  around                                    D.  about

33.They usually have lunch together in the school__________ .

A.café                                        B. restaurant                             C.  canteen                                   D.  bar

34.If we want to_______ up with them we’d better hurry.

A.come                                      B. arrive                                      C. approach                                D.  catch

35.I shall do the job to the best of my_____.

A.capacity                                B. ability                                     C.  knowledge                              D. talent

36.Does the grass need_______ ?

A.cutting                                  B. cut                                           C. be cut                                       D.  to cut

37.Everybody in the house woke up when the burglar alarm__________ .

A.went off                                 B. got off                                   C.  put up                             D.  rang off

38.The police are looking for a man of_______height.

A.medium                                  B.extra                               C.  tall                                    D.  special

39.He was told he could join the Volunteer Group when he_________ old enough.

A.would be                               B.should be                          C.  was                              D.  were

40.Don’t let that man take you________ with his clever talk – none of it’s true.

A.along                                                                    C.  about                           D.  down

In this age (41)_______ highly-developed telephone networks and electronic mail, it seems that fewer and fewer people are (42)__________ time to sit down and write letters to friends and relatives. For hundreds of years, letters were the only way to (43)______ in contact with people who were any distance away and letter – writing was (44)_______________ as an important skill for all learned people to master. Gradually, (45)_______ , the importance of writing letters is decreasing to a point that the majority of us (46)___________ make a special effort to turn out something worthwhile when we apply for a job or make a complaint. In business circles the (47)_______ is for routine communications to become shorter. Even though clients may appreciate a detailed letter, an employee who sends out long letters is often regarded as (48)________ . Many people prefer the telephone in all circumstances and its (49)________ is essential in many situations but how often have you put the telephone down, (50)______________ with what you have managed to say? I don’t think I’ll throw my pen away yet.

41. A. ofB. atC. inD. on
42. A. usingB.spendingC. puttingD. taking
43. A. keepB.connectC. maintainD. hold
44. A. noticedB. consideredC.seenD. heard
45. A. thereforeB. howeverC. furthermoreD. thus
46. A. mayB. wouldC. have toD. dare to
47. A. fashionB. intentionC. tendencyD. inclination
48. A. unusualB. inefficientC. unimportantD. impossible
49. A. rateB. paceC. tempoD.speed
50. A. contentedB. pleasedC. disturbedD. dissatisfied

51.I’ve heard (A) nothing from him since (B) I had met (C) him at the meeting (D) of WTO.

52.ASEAN is the Association of South East Asian (A) Nations and was found (B) on 8 August 1967, with (C) 5 members, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand (D) . 

53.If Nam hadn’t (A) forgotten locking (B) the door, his motorbike (C) couldn’t have been (D) lost .

54.There weren’t (A) chairs enough (B) for the people attending (C) the medical congress (D) .

55.The (A) river is too dirty (B) for us (C) to swim in it (D) .

56.Air pollution, together with (A) littering, are (B) causing many (C) problems in our (D) cities today.

57.Hummingbirds are the only birds (A) capable to fly (B) backward as well (C) as forward(D) up, and down.

58.The test (A) administrator ordered us not opening (B) our books until (C) he told us to do so (D) .

59.We are supposing (A) to read all of chapter (B) seven and answer (C) the questions for (D) tomorrow’s class.

60.The explanation that our (A) instructor gave us (B) was different to (C) the one your (D) gave you.

Petroleum products, such as gasoline, kerosene, home heating oil, residual fuel oil, and lubricating oils, come from one source of crude oil found below the earth’s surface, as well as under large bodies of water, from a few hundred feet below the surface to as deep as 25,000 feet into the earth’s interior. Sometimes crude oil is secured by drilling a hole through the earth, but more dry holes are drilled than those producing oil. Pressure at the source of pumping forces crude oil to the surface. Crude oil wells flow at varying rates, from ten to thousands of barrels per hour. Petroleum products are always measured in 42-gallon barrels.

Petroleum products vary greatly in physical appearance: thin, thick, trar^sparent or opaque, but regardless, their chemical composition is made up of only two elements: carbon and hydrogen, which form compounds called hydrocarbons. Other chemical elements found in union with the hydrocarbons are few and are classified as impurities. Trace elements are also found, but these are of such minute quantities that they are disregarded. The combination of carbon and hydrogen forms many thousands of compounds which are possible because of the various positions and joinings of these two atoms in the hydrocarbon molecule.

The various petroleum products are refined from the crude oil by heating and condensing the vapors. These products are the so-called light oils, such as gasoline, kerosene, and distillate oil. The residue remaining after the light oils are distilled is known as heavy or residual fuel oil and is used mostly for burning under boilers. Additional complicated refining processes rearrange the chemical structure of the hydrocarbons to produce other products.

61.Which of the following is NOT true?

A.Crude oil is found below land and water.

B.Crude oil is always found a few hundred feet below the surface.

C.Pumping and pressure force crude oil to the surface.

D.A variety of petroleum products are obtained from crude oil.

62.Many thousands of hydrocarbon compounds are possible because .

A.the petroleum products vary greatly in physical appearance

B.complicated refining processes rearrange the chemical structure

C.the two atoms in the molecule assume many positions

D.the pressure needed to force it to the surface causes molecular transformation

63.Which of the following is TRUE?

A.The various petroleum products are produced by filtration.

B.Heating and condensation produce the various products.

C.Chemical separation is used to produce the various products.

D.Mechanical means are used to produce the various products.

64.The word “which” in the second paragraph refers to____________ .

A.petroleum products                                    B.chemical composition

C.carbon and hydrogen                                 D.compounds called hydrocarbons

65.Which of the following is NOT listed as a light oil?

A.crude oil                        B.distillate oil                          C.  kerosene                          D.  gasoline

Long ago prehistoric man began to domesticate a number of wild plants and animals for his own use. This not only provided more abundant food but also allowed more people to live on a smaller plot of ground. We tend to forget that all of our present-day pets, livestock, and food plants were taken from the wild and developed into the forms we know today.

As centuries passed and human cultures evolved and blossomed, humans began to organise their knowledge of nature into the broad field of natural history. One aspect of early natural history concerned the use of plants for drugs and medicine. The early herbalists sometimes overworked their imaginations in this respect. For example, it was widely believed that a plant or part of a plant that resembles an internal organ would cure ailments of that organ. Thus, an extract made from a heart-shaped leaf might be prescribed for a person suffering from heart problems.

Nevertheless, the overall contributions of these early observers provided the rudiments of our present knowledge of drugs and their uses.

66.What is the content of the passage?

A.The progress of the evolution of the mankind.

B.The beginning of natural history.

C.How prehistoric man cultivated.

D.A number of wild plants and animals for man’s own use.

67.Domestication of plants and animals probably occurred because of___________ .

A.the need for more readily available food

B.the lack of wild animals and plants

C.early man’s power as a hunter

D.the desire of prehistoric man to be nomadic

68.What does the word “this” in the passage refers to__________ .

A.providing food for man’s domestication of plants and animals

C.mans ability to live on a small plot of land

D.the earliest condition of prehistoric man

69.The phrase “in this respect” in the passage refers to___________ .

A.the development of human culture

B.the development of the field of natural history

C.the use of plants for drugs and medicine

D.the origin of knowledge of nature

70.Which of the following can be inferredfrom the passage?

A.The shape of a plant is indicative of its ability to cure ailments of similarly shaped organs.

B.Early herbalists were unimaginative.

C.The work of early herbalists has nothing to do with present day medicine.

D.There is little relation between a cure for illness and the physical shape of a plant.

71.Farming__________50% of our population.

A.provides a living for nearly                                             B.provides with a living nearly

C.provides living nearly for                                                 D.nearly provides with living for

72.Nga suggested_______ by car tomorrow.

A.taking the plane this evening or going

B.that we should take the plane this evening or going

C.taking the plane this evening or we should go take the plane this evening or to go

73.Tom said to Mary that________ .

A.she will go to Ha Long Bay tomorrow

B.she would go to Ha Long Bay the next day

C.she will go to Ha Long Bay the following day

D.she would go to Ha Long Bay tomorrow

74.Never in my life_______ like that.

A.I have seen a terrible scene

B.have I seen a terrible scene

C.did I see a terrible scene

D.I saw a terrible scene

75.It is honest of Frank to have returned_________ .

A.a wallet back to its original owner its original owner the wallet

C.the wallet to its originally owner

D.the wallet to its original owner

76.The planes couldn 7 take off because of the fog.

A.The fog stopped the planes from taking off.

B.The fog forced the planes to take off

C.Due to the fog, the planes were unable to take off.

D.The fog made it impossible for the planes to take off.

77.I asked my roommate to wake me up at 7 o ’clock the following morning.

A.”You must wake me up at 7 o’clock tomorrow morning!” I said to my roommate.

B.”Please would you wake me up at 7 o’clock tomorrow morning?” I said to my roommate.

C.”Please wake me up at 7 o’clock tomorrow morning?” I asked my roommate.

D.”Please can you wake me up at 7 o’clock tomorrow morning?” I asked my roommate.

78.The motorbike takes longer than the car.

A.The car takes a shorter time than the motorbike.

B.The car does not take as long as the motorbike.

C.The car is not as fast as the motorbike.

D.The car is quicker than the motorbike.

79.He didn ‘t win the race.

A.He failed to win the race.

B.He didn’t succeed in winning the race.

C.He was unable to win the race.

D.He coped with winning the race.

80.He said an office job was the last thing he wanted.

A.He didn’t enjoy doing office work.

B.He said he wanted his last job to be in an office.

C.He said he didn’t want an office job at all.

D.He disliked to do an office job.

51.C (met)56.B (is)
52.B (was founded)57.B (of flying)
53.B (to lock)58.B (not to open)
54.B (enough chairs)59.A (supposed to)
55.D (in)60.D (yours)

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